Images By Amy

Capturing the Memories, So You Can Live in the Moment!

Specializing in Team and Sports Photography


As the mother of teenage athletes I have spent a great deal of time on the sidelines and in the stands wishing I had been able to immortalize their moments of glory.  No matter what I did, I felt we could never enjoy the full experience because we forced to choose between participating in the excitement or recording it.   

My love of photography snuck up on me.  I began photographing my children's sporting events, and sharing photos with their teammates. During the winter, when my kids were in their off seasons for track and soccer, I began shooting other school sports just for practice, and rather than downloading them and forgetting them, I continued to share them.  

One day I received a call from a local middle school coach, who asked if I'd be willing to take their basketball portraits.  After making sure she knew that I was NOT a "REAL" photographer, I nervously agreed to do it.  I learned more  in those first couple of weeks than I dreamed was possible, and before I knew it, I was receiving calls from youth, club, and public school coaches.  The spring became a whirlwind.

That first summer gave me a chance to regroup and organize, and when football season began, I was ready to run with it. When the season began, none of us had any idea it would wind up in the first state championship game our town had seen in over half a century.  And I was blessed to get to record the journey in detail.  

In addition to the time spend creating images that people will value, I also work full times as a nurse. One day, with your support, I hope to make photography my only career.